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Lori Tenerelli
Best pizza around!!!

Richard G.
John's is a place where everyone that eats there knows each other. The food is excellent. John and his brother, Owen, do a great job in serving great Italian food, family style portions, at a low cost. Friday and Saturday, if you are going to eat there, get there early. Tables go quick and like the saying goes, Good food takes Time. No frozen food here, everything is produced fresh. Salads are great. Pizza is cheesy. Good cheese is oily, high butter content. Pizza is only served well done if you request it that way. Try the Sicilian pizza, excellent. They serve beer and wine. No credit cards. Cash only. Open from 11 - 11 everyday. Closed Sunday.

by Frank
I go to Johns about 3 times a week. NEVER HAD A BAD MEAL, EVER! I have had everything from Pasta to pizza and its always very fresh and tastes great. Try the chef salad you'll be glad you did.Good eats, nice neighborhood feel.They know all the customers,makes you feel good. So now you know, good food, good people..

bike guy
best pizza best prices best service nicest people dougs

Brian N.
Avon, CT
The pizza gods live in CT in a place other than New Haven and they reside at John's Pizza Tavern!  John brought my taste buds back to my time living in New York.  After our day at the ballpark, the kids agreed the highlight of the day was John and his pizza.  Thank you!

David V.
Danbury, CT
Delicious! Amazing!! Spectacular every time... John is incredibly hospitable. He makes you feel like you're visiting your families pizzeria each and every visit! Anyone who enjoys pizza is missing out if they have not experienced Johns pizza yet!! Get there tonight!

Chick R.
Newtown, CT
John's has a very loyal customer base - some customers are there almost every time I visit, and for good reason.   It's not uncommon to see a few cop cars and/or mail trucks parked in front.  They love his food.  John's specialty is his white pizza.  I highly recommend his calzones, pizzas and lasagna.  Huge portions.  Expect to bring a nice doggy bag home for tomorrow's lunch (and maybe dinner too!)  John and his brother Owen are very generous, and wil make you feel at home.  Don't be suprised if John gives you a slice of pizza while you're waiting for your food or takeout, or brings you some nice fresh fruit or icecream after your meal.  Definitely worth checking out, especially if you are really hungry and craving some Italian comfort food.

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